The 3100 Mile Race started on September 13, 2020, in Austria!

Although the official start of the traditional 3100 Mile Race in New York, which was scheduled for June 2020, did not take place, the organizers hoped that the race could be held at another time, possibly in a different location, but still this year. Several European and American cities have been suggested…

And in early September, it became known that the authorities of the Austrian Salzburg had given the go-ahead to hold the longest race in the world Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, from September 13 to November 3, 2020.

The athletes actually did not have time to prepare and strategically plan their vacation – five people went to the start, who turned out to be not under the pressure of other projects and who had the opportunity to come to the start in Austria.

All my active runner friends from Russia and Ukraine were unable to participate due to Austrian entry restrictions. As always, this is a whole complex of circumstances and connections (which is usually called “divine play”) – we have what we have.

Five bravest runners started in Salzburg on September 13:

  • Nirbhasa Magee, 41 (IRL), living in Reykjavik, Iceland – 3 finishes, ranked 22nd
  • Ananda-Lahari Zuscin, 45, Kosice Slovakia – 6 finishes, ranked 25th
  • Ushika Muckenhumer, 52, Salzburg, Austria – 1 finish, ranked 30th
  • Andrea Marcato, 38 (ITA), living in Zurich, Switzeland – first time runner, two times over 1000km in 10 day race
  • Milan Javornicky, 46, Celakocice, CZE  – first time runner, 569 miles in ten day race

The racecourse was chosen in a picturesque place along the river – the lap is certified, the length is 1.04367 km (slightly more than our original 0.883 m in New York). Athletes need to complete 4,781 laps to finish 3,100 miles. The daily routine remains the same: the common start is at 6:00, the lap is open until 24:00. Runners rest from midnight to 6 am. There is a 52-day deadline to cover the distance.

Let’s wish them good luck!

Stay connected – let’s follow the news of the race together.

Start of the world’s longest 3100-Mile Race in New-York

On June 16, at 6:00 am local time, the longest certified race in the world 3100-Miles started in New York. The race takes place for the 23rd year in a row in the New York suburb Jamaica, Queens, on a 0.5 mile lap.

The annual “Self-Transcendence 3100-Mile Race” was named by the New York Times as “Everest of Ultramarathons”. Runners must cover an average 60 miles per day to meet the 52-day deadline of the race. Participants are given 18 hours every day – from 6 am to midnight. Over the previous 22 starts, only 43 people in the world were able to finish the race.

This race is the flagship start of the international Sri Chinmoy marathon team.

There are 8 runners from 7 countries this year at the starting line.

🇫🇮 Ashprihanal Aalto (Finland), 48 years old
14 finishes at 3100. World record holder 40 days + 09: 06.21 (2015)
🇷🇺 Vasu Nikolai Duzhiy (Russia), 52 years
7 finishes for 3100. Threefold race winner (2013, 2017, 2018)
🇦🇹 Smarana Puntigam (Austria), 48 years old
7 finishes at 3100, the best result – 48 days + 04: 13.54 (2007)
🇮🇪 Nirbhasa Magee (Ireland), 40 years
2 finishes at 3100, the best result – 48 days + 16: 47.01 (2017)
🇸🇰 Ananda-Lahari Zuscin (Slovakia), 42 years
5 finishes at 3100, the best result – 49 days + 14: 25.37 (2006)
🇦🇹 Ushika Muckenhummer (Austria), 50 years
1 finish for 3100 with a time of 50 days + 07: 34.46 (2018)
🇧🇬 Todor Dimitrov (Bulgaria), 44 years
First start at 3100. National record holder for 12 hours

🇳🇿Harita Davies (New Zealand), 44
1 finish for 3100 with a time of 51 days + 12: 48.14 (2017)

There is a link to live webcam at the official website of the race From this site you can also send a support letter to the runners.

You can also follow Utppal reports on the blog

Photos from the race