Esoteric Project Management for Team-Building Inner Peace

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Ukraine-born project and process improvement manager Stutisheel Lebedev has developed a unique and powerful training course that’s designed to help workers call upon their inner strength and inner power to develop peace of mind, concentration, willpower and positive thinking. These disciplines make it possible for co-workers to perform together as a cohesive team, able to resolve conflicts and strive to reach a common goal. Lebedev’s book on this system which delves into the nucleus of classic project management to refine its effectiveness is called Esoteric Project Management.

That’s what it would be called in English. But the book was written in Russian. Now that Lebedev has moved to Florida, he’s eager for his work to be available in this country.

When Lebedev began to use meditation as a transcendent means of achieving his goals, he had no idea where it would take him. In 2004, it took him to the finish line of a 3100-mile race, where he was the first runner from a former Soviet bloc nation to finish the world’s longest certified footrace. When he achieved this goal, he said, “I will run 3100 miles again and again and again, because there is so much love and inner dimension. I do not know how to describe it all. And I’m so grateful to God that He has given me the opportunity to make a small contribution to the progress of mankind and to the establishment of peace and love in the world.”

Esoteric Project Management

A training program that can make it possible for a man to finish a 3100-mile race sounds like something that could be revolutionary in the demanding field of project management. Esoteric Project Management reveals the synthesis of meditation practices combined with project management techniques. The topics are indeed esoteric, but that’s why they can be so effective as a form of self-discipline: obtaining vision; transcending time; developing leadership from a spiritual point of view; and developing inner strength, intuition, and receptivity as necessary elements for successful management.

The meditation exercises in the book are taken from the works of spiritual master Sri Chinmoy, and have been used with success by Lebedev.

Lebedev is a graduate of Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology. During his 20 years in the project management culture, he has participated in projects in Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, and Hungary, where he has planned the construction of the Hrazdan TPP; implemented software for an oil refining factory; launched an Internet portal to sell national lotteries; and certified the maturity of an IT company. He was also integrally involved in social projects such as the Peace Run in western Ukraine; the international concert Songs of the Soul in Kiev; and numerous meditation workshops. These diverse projects required a variety of talents and training, but there was a common thread that showed itself as each one came to fruition: how the intentional development of inner power through meditation can be put to use in project management culture to create a unique approach.