Swim/Run race in New York

On September 13 in the vicinity of New York, on the Welch Lake  an interesting competition took place –  the Swim/Run. Triathlon minus bike – duathlon. One swimming lap at the lake, then transit zone and three laps to the finish of 10K.


This time organizers, the  Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, in addition to the possibility of the participation of relay teams allowed individual starts for swimming and running only.


In total 86 athletes participated.


I heard for several  years about Swim/Run starts and wanted to do it completely, but until this year it didn’t happen.


After the finish in 3100 miles on August 3, I planned to take part in the 47 mile race at Sri Chinmoy birthday on August 27. But … I injured my leg during the fast 2-mile race, four days before the start. Just amazing: no injury during all the 50 days on 3100 miles, and then at 2 miles I had to stop … It seems some karma was involved) My leg has not recovered before 47 miles, so I didn’t enter the race. And in fact, with the slow pace of running training, I was not fully confident whether I can finish at the 10K. But I have been training – swimming at the ocean and running.


At the Swim/Run race everything went great. I swam 1K in 22 minutes (17th place) and ran 10K at a good pace in 45 minutes (5th place). In the Open category I took 4th place and 5th overall – 1:10:45


Warm water and warm weather, smiling sportsmen and my friends, the spirit of self-transcendence.


Life is beautiful ))

Swim/Run complete results
Pictures by Prabakhar
Pictures by Utpal