The marathon season is open!

On March 5th, 2016, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team organized a marathon in the borough of Queens, New York. Despite the cold weather, there were about 20 people at the starting line. This traditional marathon is dedicated to the first marathon of Sri Chinmoy, that he ran in Chico, California, on March 3rd, 1979. The Chico Marathon was the birth of his passion for long distance running. Over the next few years of intensive training and frequent competitions, Sri Chinmoy ran 22 marathons, some ultra marathons, and founded the Marathon Team that bears his name.

At this time, 15 runners finished the first marathon of the season. We ran on a lap where the Saturday 2 mile race takes place. The course is a challenge, since there is a 90 degrees turn and a steep hill on every lap ( during 30 and a half laps we gained almost half a kilometer of altitude).


My time – 3:42:57.

The complete data from Garmin

This marathon start marked the beginning of preparations for my 12th start at 3100-mile race, which is scheduled for June 19.