Trophy prize in the 7.5 km Oceanman swim

September 5, 2020, I finished in the Oceanman swim for 7.5 km in Odessa together with my wife!

In the middle of the summer, when almost all running starts were canceled, the inspiration came to join my wife, who was preparing for a 10 km swim after a not so successful start in Cherkasy across the Dnipro river. I then figured – there should be enough time to prepare for 2 months. And training began 5 days a week in the pool.

It took me a month to pick up speed, strengthen arms, and even out the balance. In August, I already confidently kept the pace of 2 min / 100 m during long swims of 4-5-6 km. I noticed from my past training sessions for a swim across Zurich Lake, with an emphasis on swimming, the shoulders and arms are strengthened, the legs are weakened) Correspondingly, the body balance in the water improves – the legs sink less and the body position is closer to the horizontal line. Our maximum swim was 8 km, and in that week we swam 26 km in total.
Now about the start itself in Odessa.

The distance was supposed to be 10 km, but due to difficult weather conditions, the organizers reduced it to 7.5 km on the day of the start. It seems the waves, wind, and rain intensified with each lap) The sea was stormy by 3 points.

We swam three laps of 2.5 km each. One stretch directly against the wind and waves with burunches was something! Despite having already swum  10 km in Miami and 26 km on Zurich Lake, conditions in the Black Sea were the most challenging.

But everything went very cool! Immensely happy! Swam in 3:04 (pace 2: 27/100 m or 2.4 km / h), Irina – in 3:20. She was attacked by seasickness, as in Cherkasy. The pills she had stocked up didn’t work very well …

Although I did not expect much from the organization (according to the stories of the participants of past starts), practically everything turned out to be ok. Of course, I would put more buoys for a reference point, otherwise, there were only four large buoys in the corners on the 2.5 km lap in the sea with waves. And even they were not always visible because of the waves! Plus the 5 km swim (they had two laps, and we had three) started when many of the 7.5 km swimmers finished the first lap. I got into the cyclone of the mess)

I was ready to swim another lap to a full ten! Sped up at the end. Although when I got out of the water, I realized that I did my best and was tired.

Super positive drive! Several times I caught myself thinking that I got the flow and made friends with the sea)

Another self-transcendence! As a result, we also won prizes in our age category 50-59 (Irina – the first, I – the third) and perfectly presented the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

The fullness of life is in motion!

Another climbed peak – Zurich IRONMAN!

July 21, 2019, at 7 am in Zurich, I started in my second IRONMAN.
I was pleasantly surprised that there was no rush in the starting corridor. All athletes carefully and without crush and emotions dispersed into groups of their expected swim time. Unlike my first start in the USA, it was also pleasant to have soft music and a calm voice of the MC. With a Swiss precision at 6:40 pro athletes started, and at 6:45 a rolling start began – 8 people every 5 seconds. And for the promised 20 minutes, all 2100 participants were already in the water!

Swimming took place in the rain, quite normally – it was one lap of 3.8 km on Lake Zurich, near the downtown. I swam evenly – my Garmin showed 4102 m instead of 3800 and time of 1:21:15 (1: 59/100 m pace).

In the pouring rain, we started the bicycle stage, so I did not apply any sunscreen …
On the first flat stretch of 20 kilometers, I kept a speed of about 34.5 km / h – once again I was happy for the rented wheels. This time – Vittoria brand. In general,  Race Day Wheels service is very common in the USA, but in Europe, I almost gave up founding it. A week before the start, I accidentally found contacts of the Kyiv company that offered to transport bicycles to start in Poland. It turned out that they rent the wheels as well.

We drove two laps of 90 km. To be honest, I expected more from the asphalt pavement of the Swiss highway … After a flat stretch near Zurich, real alpine ascents and descents began! Moreover, the slopes also often turned, and we were constantly slowed down by volunteers – either a narrow place or a sharp turn. I managed to accelerate to the maximum 57.7 km / h versus 74.4 in Louisville. And of course – the protracted serpentine rises – the total altitude gain was 1600 m!! If on the first lap I still overtook someone on the climbs, as I included special training in the hills during preparation, then in the future many people caught up with me on the even areas. On the second lap the sun came out and my shoulders were well roasted – I would say almost to the embers! The color was exactly black)

And here on the dead legs after the bicycle stage, which took 6 hours and 41 minutes to complete (175 km according to Garmin), I run out to the marathon distance. In transit – a small climb to the bridge. And I understand that there are no legs) They just refuse to gain altitude.

But after running half the marathon I came to life a bit. 37 years of running didn’t pass in vain …

The running track passed through the central part of the city – mostly asphalt, sometimes paving stones, sometimes pebbles (on the embankment in the park). I was also slightly surprised by the 4-laps track laid on different surfaces. In the central streets, we ran past restaurants and cafes, where the inhabitants were relaxing with meals and drinks, occasionally cheering us. Like, come on.

This time everything was ok with nutrition – all my sports mix, shot blocks and gels worked perfectly. Just because of the difficult bicycle phase, everything turned out slower than I wanted. I sped up on the last lap and flew into the finish gate with a total time of 12:49:02.

At the briefing the day before, when the rules were explained to us, blue and yellow penalty cards for drafting and incorrect overtaking (then you stopped 5 minutes or 1 minute in special tents – I was lucky), the facilitator made a great emphasis on our finish. “Do not ruin your finish! Do not try to press the button on the clock in time! Smile! ”. And I even rehearsed before the mirror as I would cross the finish line) At the very finish, everything really flew out of my head. But then traditionally they made a photo with a medal on the background of the branded wall. It seemed to me that I was just shining in a wide smile! What happened in reality – see below) 

In general, a difficult start, a big challenge – almost 13 hours of intense work on an average heart rate of 140 (on the hills I reached 175 bpm). But this Swiss peak is taken! I got to the last start of Zurich Ironman – from next year, after 23 starts, they move to a different place.

Garmin data
Race website


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