Oleg Lebedev’s second place at the Slavic Wave half-IRONMAN

Half-Ironman triathlon Slavic Wave took place on June 1, 2019 in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. Distances: swim 1.9 km – bike 90 km – run 21 km.

We went with the whole family – even with our two-month Luna – an Australian shepherd. About 100 people gathered for the solo race and the relay.

The first time I participated in this start in 2013. And then I received a certain shock from the level of the organization. Not to face the organizers, I note that almost nothing has changed for the better. I am writing this not even for the sake of criticism, but as advice to novice triathletes – if you are planning your first half, check out the foreign launches of the official IRONMAN brand. In addition to competitive drive, you will get aesthetic pleasure from the level of organization and service. I intentionally included this start as an extreme milestone in preparation for the complete IRONMAN start. It’s hard to learn – easy in battle)

This time I was swimming without a wetsuit, but only in neoprene shorts. I felt like swam smoothly, watching the full-length stroke. But afterward the clock showed that the pace decreased on every lap. On average, it turned out 2:00 minutes per km.

The bike passed without any special adventures, except for a few unnoticed holes in the asphalt, on which I thoroughly shooked – I was even pleasantly surprised that I didn’t get a flat tire or bent anything. I tried to follow the even circular pedaling when you apply force on the entire pedal cycle. The average speed was 32 km / h. More or less OK. At the end of the cycle stage – and this is already more than 3:30 of the intensive work – I ate a few children’s fruit purees, Cliff Shot Blocks and drank a special mixture with carbohydrates and rehydron. I considered that such salts should be enough for the half marathon and at the distance itself I drank only water. Turned out that it was not enough.

I ran at a good pace of 5 min/km and watched the heart rate did not jump above 160. The sun was already warming up to + 28 + 30 degrees. And Kanevskoe reservoir gave noticeable humidity. Running is my strong point, and at this stage I felt very confident, overtaking many participants. The fact that I watched the heart rate gave me the opportunity not to burn at the very start, but to keep a good pace confidently. And then my flight to goosebumps on the spine was interrupted by a cramp on the calf muscle 3 km before the finish. It was painful. I even stopped, tried to massage and some time just walked, very lame. Then in small rushes, I was still able to jog and get to the finish line. Still finished happy! 5 hours 30 minutes. And even took second place in my category 45-49!

When this trouble happened on the race, it was quite painful, and I even thought, how can I recover 50 days before the complete Ironman? But that it was not just an ordinary injury says the fact that after two days I run normally 10 km, returned to the training schedule with the bike, and after a week I did speed-ups at full power, completely forgetting about the leg. Once again, something karmically was worked out )