New national records set in the championship for 48 hour race in Vinnitsa

On June 28-30, the Ukrainian national championship for 48-hour race happened in Vinnytsia. As well as Self-Transcendence races for 24 and 12 hours. Events were organized by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon team with the assistance of the Ukrainian Athletics Federation.

Congratulations to all the runners who challenged the limitations!

And a few comments:
– The track was held in the Gorky Central Park on asphalt. The length of the lap was 1356 meters. There was one small hill (felt on the second day))
– 52 athletes participated from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Luxembourg, and Sweden. Ukraine was represented by 18 regions. Event record!
– 19 runners set personal records
– the first two runners – Andrey Tkachuk and Dmitry Krasnov surpassed the race record for 48 hours at 301 km, set 10 years ago

And below – the best achievements of Ukraine!

– Andrei TKACHUK ran 370.070km in 48 hours and significantly improved the achievement of Vladimir Balatsky from Mariupol on November 18, 2012, 339.732 km established in Grapevine (USA, Texas). Also, this achievement surpassed the absolute achievement among women, which for 14 years no one in Ukraine could surpass. He was installed by Nina Mitrofanova from Kharkiv on 03/20/2005 in Brno (Czech Republic) – 363,123 km

– 48 hours relay (2 people) Dmitry Voytko and Miya Lastochkina during 48 hours covered 382,637 km and significantly improved the achievement of 339,916 km, which was established by Valery Khristenok and Irina Petrenko in Vinnytsia on June 27, 2016.

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